Samsung UN55F8000

Samsung UN55F8000

Samsung UN55F8000 focuses on many of the same aspects as it's predecessor – the ES8000 series. One of the major objectives was to make the voice recognition software more usable and relevant and Samsung has done that. The improvements are drastic and the new voice recognition software is capable of discerning entire sentences. Specifically, viewers can request shows or the names of actors.

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Watching Samsung’s demo footage showed that Samsung UN55F8000 is capable of absolutely stunning quality. Images were almost painfully sharp and amazingly lifelike. Textures, whether hair, fabric or foliage, were crystal clear with no smudging. Colours were vibrant without looking unreal, and viewing angles wide. We noticed colours weren’t quite as punchy when viewed from the side, but we’d imagine few people would notice this.

Blacks were decent, as was contrast. In fact, contrast is given a boost by the introduction of micro-dimming (something we’ve seen on Philips TVs). Here, the processor analyses the content of the scene and is able to dim the LED backlight in dark areas to give better blacks. Samsung UN55F8000 also has local crosstalk reduction which Samsung says makes 3D images around 30 per cent brighter.

Samsung UN55F8000 Specs

  1. Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  2. 1080p HDTV with Micro Dimming: Best picture quality
  3. Item Weight: 40.3 pounds
  4. Samsung UN55F8000 Dimensions: 48.2 x 12.2 x 29.1 inches
  5. 240Hz Refresh Rate: Best for general viewing, video games, action movies, and sports
  6. Item model number: UN55F8000
  7. Batteries: 2 AA batteries required. (included)
  8. Specification Met: Energy Star
  9. Smart TV with Gesture Controls and a Built in Camera: Interact with streaming content and the web

Smart Interaction Focused On Voice At Samsung UN55F8000

Samsung UN55F8000
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Samsung is again focusing on this aspect but of the three types of interaction, gesture, facial recognition, and voice recognition they are definitely focused on the latter, which they believe will be an important improvement in the Samsung UN55F8000 55-Inch for this year.

Last years facial recognition software introduction was remarkable, but it's the voice recognition that you can rely on.

Samsung has improved it to the point where you can be almost as lazy as you want and not even lift your arm (I know it's tough when you're watching the game and drinking a beer), to control the TV.

Last year, you could just barely be understood with the most simple commands like, “Hi TV” or “Turn On” or “TV Off”. But this year Samsung UN55F8000 will recognize entire sentences, names of actors, names of movies or shows, and is better with natural language.

Samsung UN55F8000 Back Light

One issue Samsung UN55F8000 and past models of the 8000 are exposed to is slightly uneven backlighting due to the side LED backlighting. Rather than use full array LED backlighting Samsung and others have opted to use the edge-lit variety. They are very powerful LED lights and peak whites are always impressive.

However, you can get more light coming through at the left and right edges of the screen if your not careful. This is called a screen uniformity problem, but it's easily enough remedied by simply tuning down the backlight control in the picture menu to a more reasonable 70% of capacity. This also prevents blowing out the colors. You should only use the backlight higher than this when there is direct sunlight pouring into the room and you need the extra brightness to combat it.

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