Samsung UN55F8000 Review

Samsung UN55F8000 Review

Samsung UN55F8000 Review - First off i have owned the Samsung es8000 and the sonny hx850 all 55inch models and i must say that this TV hits the mark in all the main areas for me which is Picture quality coming from different sources like cable box media streamer and pc all have been great so far the blacks are just as good or better than the sonny hx850 and there is no light bleed from the corners like the es8000 series and the remote is awesome this time around you will love it, this really feels like a smart tv Samsung actually fixed what people did not like about last years model.

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After two days out of the box i am still very happy with this purchase I DONT USE THE STAND ITS TO WIDE 48IN but who cares much TV is pretty 9.9 out of 10 it needs a small calibration out of the box i tried and it screwed up the picture so i reset all picture settings to factory and did some suttle changes here and there and it looks great but can be better just dont know if i have the skill to pull it off anyway this tv is a keeper at least until sony comes out in june with flagship model. I do have pics of it but I don’t know how to post them any help would be cool. Samsung UN55F8000 Review by Willson (He bought this at Here with Best Price and Free Shipping)

Samsung Model UN55F8000 Picture Quality

This is by far the most important aspect when I look at any television, and I’m pleased to say that the picture quality on this set blows away last year’s sets, and may be the best LCD panel out, period. Factory calibration was pretty spot on for my living room, and I tweaked the ‘Color’ setting up one notch so I could claim some sort of credit for the outstanding picture quality.

Samsung UN55F8000 Review
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The first movie I watched was Inception, which is a visual treat to watch that has a few motion-centric scenes that would show off some of the fancy image processing features of the set.

Right off the bat I could see how dark the blacks on this set were, and the contrast between the blacks and colors was great.

The Samsung UN55F8000 picture was far from faded, and almost too bright. This is in part of the new Micro Dimming Ultimate and Precision Black technology that Samsung has incorporated in the 2013 model LED-backlit LCD sets. I’m still disappointed it’s not a full LED back-lit display, but it’s not as bad as the edge-lit solutions available from last year. It’s essentially a pretty good compromise between the two technologies.

Samsung UN55F8000 claimed that the ‘halo’ effect has been eliminated, and I believe that because I did not see any such effects during my viewing which was in complete darkness for the most part. 3D performance is also vastly superior than what I’m used to. The brightness for the 3D imagery was exceptional, and much more than what I’m used to seeing. I don’t believe this to be an effect of improved 3D glasses, I think the quad-core processor may have something to do with it.

There’s really nothing better on the market, except for the Samsung Plasma sets, that are producing better picture quality now. If you want to spend 8-10k on a Plasma set, you can have it, but I don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze at that price-point.
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